My Mission:

Hello, my name is Steven. Im here to secure every domains and server as possible.

Im an Independent Security Researcher to check every security vectors, I find to report asap.

Even there is an bounties, challenges or an breach domain or servers.

I still collect and find flaws to report toward the admin.

I take every securities and track more new flaws nearly everyday.

software or even other platform very seriously.

Even this will be my future study for my career.

I will never give up with what makes the world a perfect securities.

I will always make system, network once again safe.

Watch out any unwanted attacks from crooks, and even spammers.

If the keyboard is my gun.

My mind wont stop learning with new or old style.

Find, discover, exploit, program, build, break and report!

I will be always fast to find various vectors from platforms.

I will keep firing and to defend clients and owner.

I will once be marked and remembered to be an true hero.

Your Independent Security Researcher,

Steven / Twitter:@Keritzy